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How DriveVoya Works

Earn SafeMiles™ for Driving Safe

DriveVoya will automatically accumulate SafeMiles™ when you are IN your vehicle driving with your phone screen locked OR having the DriveVoya SafeMode™ screen active. The time and distance you drive with your phone down and eyes up, along with other driving factors, will be used to calculate your SafeMiles™ total.

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Compete with Others to be on Top of the Leaderboard

Students will compete with other students in their schools, while community members can compete with their neighbors to see who can accumulate the most SafeMiles™.

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Stack up your SafeMiles™ to Fund Local Schools!

Your earned SafeMiles™ will go towards a school of your choice's fundraising efforts! You will be helping your local school, improving upon your safe driving habits, and getting more time to enjoy your audiobook during your commute! (Or singing at the top of your lungs. We don't judge!)

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