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About Us

Meet the Founders!

Photo of Louis

Louis Daily

Contagious. Passionate. Goofy.
Louis is a an 8 year veteran of the Austin tech scene who is a steady and constant source of positive energy to anyone fortunate enough to come in contact with him. When he’s not busy coding or evangelizing for DriveVoya, “Lou,” as we like to call him, can be found running around Zilker with his son, Eli.

- Malick

Photo of Donté

Donté Houston

Calculated. Compassionate. Confident.
Donte is a husband, father, veteran of the Marine Corps, and the strategic face of DriveVoya. His passion for helping the community and giving back galvanizes DriveVoya’s efforts. When he’s not thinking over ways to make our commutes safer, he can be found studying, writing, or enjoying time with his amazing family. Thank you for all you do Donté! Peace ✌🏿!

- Louis

Photo of Malick

Malick Djiba

Calm. Cool. Collected.
Malick is the guiding force that keeps it all together at DriveVoya. His steady and consistent adherence to practicality allows for friends and family alike to rely on his advice and words of encouragement. He tells it to you like it is, but you always know that it comes from his desire to see you succeed.

- Donté

The Birth of DriveVoya

DriveVoya came to be as a result of a series of unfortunate events starting from Malick’s near death experience at the hands of an impaired driver and ending with Louis’ unfortunate brush with a distracted driver while his son, Eli, was in tow. And while they came out largely unscathed, many Americans today are not so lucky.

Why it Matters?

Traffic fatalities are one of the most pressing issues facing the United States today with the U.S. having the "highest one-year percentage increase in traffic deaths in half a century" with 38,300 individual deaths, over 6 million police-reported crashes, and an estimated 2.44 million injuries in 2014 according to the National Safety Council (NSC). More alarming to our founders, however, was the fact that the 15-19 years old demographic continues to remain the most affected group with 3,477 reported deaths in 2016 alone.

While a number of factors to explain this increase in the death toll, alcohol consumption, speeding, and distracted driving remain the three major causes of fatalities on the road, "contributing to 30.8, 30, and 26 percent of motor-vehicle deaths respectively."

With that information, Donte, Louis and Malick decided to create a platform that marries safe driving with educational funding by incentivizing attentive and responsible driving. Enter DriveVoya.